Commercial AC Maintenance

If maintaining a residential AC system is important, proper regular maintenance of a commercial system is critical because there's so much more at stake. Commercial systems can be quite large and difficult to access. Complete system break downs can send employees home, costing a business to lose big dollars and productivity. Inefficiently operating systems can cost a business a lot of money in increased power consumption. At Arnold's AC, we'll not only maintain your commercial system for utmost efficiency and power consumption, but we'll make honest recommendations about how to extend its lifespan. We have over 30 years of practical high-quality service experience on commercial systems throughout South Florida. Our technicians are not only factory trained, but our team participates regularly in ongoing professional education to keep up with evolving HVAC technologies and trends.

Main Differences Between Residential and Commercial AC Systems

  • Size of the System Commercial HVAC units are much larger than residential systems because the areas they service are typically greater. In commercial buildings, HVAC systems will use more power and energy to cover the entire space.
  • Placement of the System Residential systems are often placed at ground level on the side of the home. Because of size and increased level of noise, commercial HVAC systems are almost always placed on roof.
  • Complexity Residential HVAC units are simpler, smaller, stand-alone systems. Commercial HVAC systems, on the other hand, are larger and must service greater areas, which translates into more components per system and, depending on the size of the space being cooled and heated, often incorporate multiple interconnected units working in unison.
  • Increased Maintenance Requirements and Cost to Run With an increase in system size, complexity and space to be air conditioned comes higher operational costs that can be pushed even higher if the commercial system isn't regularly and properly maintained. While a residential power bill may rise "only" $50-100 per month because of an inefficiently performing AC system, depending on building size, an inefficiently running commercial system can literally cost thousands of dollars extra per month to operate.

Financing Available

Commercial AC installations or replacements are frequently a big-ticket purchase that business owners may prefer to spread out over time with payments. Here at Arnold's Air Conditioning, we have partnered with Service Finance Company and Hearth to allow affordable budgets for our customers.

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Why Arnold's?

At Arnold's AC, we repair, maintain, sell and custom install all the top brands to the highest quality standards in the industry. Our family business has more than 30 years of highly trained, pro experience behind it, and our technicians receive ongoing training in order to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge services and products in HVAC. We are passionate about our craft and stand behind our work and brands. We have established a network of close working relationships over the last three decades with the top manufacturers that enable Arnold's to provide you with multiple options for financing and saving on new purchases. There are many AC companies throughout South Florida, but there is only one Arnold's Air Conditioning. We are the last AC contractor you will ever need.

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